Jelcz PR110 1
MAZ 203 T8M 1
Solaris Trollino 12AC 1
Solaris Trollino 12 M 3
Solaris Trollino 12 S 30
Solaris    Trollino 12 MB  20
Ursus T70116 38
Solaris  Trollino 18 12
Total 110




Jelcz PR110

Number - 1 units.

A trolleybus based on the body of a Jelcz PR 110M bus. Manufactured by KPNA Słupsk. To take things logically, all Jelcz buses of this type should be designated as PR 110ME (since they are based on the PR 110M bus) but Jelcz designated the bodies adapted for installation as PR110E. Repairs (both overhaul and minor repairs) entailed changes in appearance as well, which does not make it easy to precisely identify the type (especially to externally distinguish between PR110E and 120ME). 



MAZ 203 T8M

Number - 1 unit.

Assembled in MPK Lublin workshops, on the body of the Belorussian MAZ 203 bus. The trolleybus is equipped with a 175 kW asynchronous engine manufactured by the Emit company, type STDa 280-6B. The Medcom FT-170-600 inverter placed on the roof of the vehicle constitutes the motor control unit. Line utilisation started on 24 April 2010 after it passed certification tests and after type approval was granted.




Solaris Trollino 12AC

Number - 1 unit.

The vehicle was manufactured in the Czech Republic under the licence of the Polish company “Solaris” from Bolechowo. This trolleybus was purchased in 2008 by the city and handed over for use to MPK Lublin. It made its debut on line number 153 on 6 June 2008.



Solaris Trollino 12M

Number - 3 units.

Trolleybus installed on the body of a low-floor Solaris Urbino12 bus. Electric installations - Medcom. The vehicles are equipped with a Polish asynchronous engine.



Solaris Trollino 12S

Number - 30 units.

Solaris Trollino 12S – a trolleybus of Solaris Trollino series, intended for city public transport, manufactured by the Polish company Solaris Bus & Coach from Bolechowo near Poznań. Since the second half of 2009 the Škoda Electric a.s.. company from Pilsen has manufactured Škoda 26Tr Solaris trolleybuses with the body of Solaris Trollino 12AC third generation model. The letter “S” designates Škoda’s power transmission system.





Number - 1 unit.

“ZIU-tek” is a special vehicle developed in MPK Lublin garages to commemorate the 50th anniversary of launching trolleybus traction in Lublin. The vehicle came into being based on the design of the once-popular Soviet trolleybus ZIU-9B. Construction efforts concerning the vehicle started in April 2003. They included the reconstruction of its entire structure and the conversion of its interior. In its back section a cocktail cabinet equipped with facilities for tasting various beverages and a fridge have been fixed, and between the seats small tables have been placed at which 22 people can be seated. The front part of the vehicle contains a toilet. The ZIU-tek trolleybus has tinted windows. The external appearance of the vehicle deserves special attention – on its side surface a graphic design has been made by means of airbrush technique presenting the panorama of Lublin and the promotional slogan - “Let’s discover Lublin”.





Number - 3 units.

A trolleybus assembled in MPK Lublin garages on the body of Jelcz M121i. The vehicle is equipped with digital information boards and automated stop announcements; it is low-floor in its first and second section. On 2 March 2011, after passing certification tests, it started carrying passengers.



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