Scope of activities


MPK Lublin Ltd. is the biggest public transport carrier in Lublin, with a market share of over 80%. We have been present on the roads of this city since 1929.  Since that time we have introduced numerous changes to raise the standard of our services. 

We are in possession of 60 trolleybuses and 215 buses. To make this extensive fleet eco-friendly we have been using Super City Diesel oil. Environmental protection is very important to us, which  we proved by organising, in the years 2007/2008, the campaign promoting public transport under the slogan "GREEN PUBLIC TRANSPORT". The idea behind this investment was to begin the process of increasing the awareness of city residents of the benefits arising from public transport and, at the same time, to draw their attention to some negative aspects of passenger cars (noise, traffic jams during rush hours, greater health risks).

MPK Lublin Ltd. is the provider of the following services:

  • Public transport, commissioned by the Public Transport Authority
  • Parking ticket sales
  • Training services
  • Advertising services 
    • Adverts on buses and trolleybuses
    • Advertising posters
    • Advertising on other facilities of MPK Lublin
    • Handle advertisements on MPK Lublin vehicles
  • Transport for disabled people
  • Rental of the  “ZIUTEK” tourist bus
  • Sale of Super City Diesel oil
  • Bus and truck repairs
  • Tyres and oil-change services
  • MPK Lublin emergency road service
  • Regional vehicle inspection station

 MPK Lublin – a public transport carrier, not a transport organiser

Since 1 December 2009 public transport in Lublin has been working under completely new conditions. They result from the agreement on providing public transport services concluded between the Lublin Commune and MPK Lublin. This agreement clearly separates the functions of the carrier and the organiser of public transport – the Public Transport Authority (ZTM). Due to these changes, the role of MPK has been limited to carrying passengers.

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Information on the operation
of public transport
tel. (81) 525-32-46